What can you do with a Google Street View Style tour?

Let’s look at that question from a small business marketing standpoint.  I have heard several great stories along these lines.  One of my clients direct their phone-in customers to the store tour and verbally walk them through the store.  With what outcome?  In a few cases the tours paid for themselves by selling merchandise to the customer without ever coming to the store.  Another great Idea…Several clients have ran scavenger hunts with their in-store GBP tours. How?  First create a Google Short Link to your tour ( www.goo.gl ).  Why?  Because you can track a short link in your emails and posts.  The ones you are going to send out to all your clients inviting them to Like you on Face Book and add you to their Circles on Google+, thus qualifying to enter your free store scavenger hunt online.  Offer a chance to win a $50 coupon to spend in the store, shop, dealership or???  So you just interacted with your customers, created a ton of interest online, got people in your store, Oh, you had fun doing it!  Now That’s Marketing on a budget!!!  Please chime in if you have any ideas on marketing with your GBP tour.  Thanks for stopping by, KC

by Ken Cox