How Do You Find What You Need Fast?

I think, small business people are the busiest people on earth.  We are always racing around like we are on fire trying to do the job of ten people!  We are so busy trying to keep the boat afloat that we don’t have time to think about things like marketing, advertising and  next quarters sales.  We don’t have a board room and we don’t care too!

Think about this for a second, “How do you find something you need right now?”  Do you call the TV, newspaper or radio station where you may have heard an ad 3 weeks ago?  How about the phonebook? Not likely!  Almost 97% of people, like you, me and everyone else, say I look for online!  … or more specifically we say, “I Google It!”  We are all on the go all the time, right?  So we, “Google It!”… from our phones while we are running!   Everyone uses Google to find the things they are looking for everyday! 

So let me ask you this, “Where do you advertise your business?”  Try Google+ for starters…max out your free business listing!  How is free bad… when 9 out of 10 people are use it?  You can plug into G+ in 15 minutes.  It’s easy!  You probably already have a listing.  We can help you find your listing and help make it rock!

We dress these pages up so they get your customers attention the first time they see them!  Once we install your Street View style tour and photos they runs for free with no hassles because small business people, like us, don’t have time to mess with it!

“Let’s Take It Inside your business!”  with G+ and Google Business photos   or call me

Thanks KC

by Ken Cox