Google Business Photos, What is it?

What is Google Business Photos? Simply stated it is Google Maps “Street View Technology” inside your business. I know the name may throw you off a little. The process does include high-res photos of your business but the big deal is the Street View style tour that lets a customer walk through your showroom or office online as though they were actually there. Static images (regular photos) are used to dress up your Google+ Local page where all of this material is installed. For a small tour there may be 2gb of data to edit and install to create this remarkable this VR Tour. Please understand this is not a video. This is a fully interactive Virtual Reality Tour in which the customer can walk through, zoom in and out, look right, left, up and down as they wish. Another interesting facet of this program is that shows up in Google Searches, Google Maps and Google+. Here is an example, Hunter Hall’s Haberdashery in Big Bear Lake, CA G+ page There are several examples here in So Cal on my website . I can still remember the first time I saw Google Street View. I thought to myself how cool it would be to let customers walk right into my store to get to know us a little better! Now they Can!

by Ken Cox