Event Center Examples

Here are three examples of event properties.  Each property has many other features that the owners may want to illustrate.  Use your cursor to walk through the property.  You can turn right, left, move up or down.  On a PC there is a small white disk that follows your cursor.  Just move that disk to where you want to go and click.

Inn at Silvercreek in Grandby, CO

This is embedded from their Google+ page – G+ http://goo.gl/kC3Yf

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29 Palms Inn, Tentynin Palms, CA

This is embedded from their Google+ page – G+ http://goo.gl/vF78U6

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 Giant Oaks Lodge, Running Springs, CA

This is embedded from their Google+ page – G+ http://goo.gl/R1d1y

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These are just three of many examples to illustrate how this material can be used.  These tours you see on this page are embedded from the Google+ page of each location.  Each tour can be embedded in different views, different sizes, as many times and into as many pages as the one wishes.  I embedded these looking at event areas.  I could have opened in lobbies, game rooms, pool areas or accommodations if I wanted to illustrate those areas.  Every location is different.   What is unique about your property?  How could promote your own location?