So why is GBP beneficial for a business?

The whole point of advertising is to get customers inside your business.  Big Business and Manufacturers spend a fortune to invite the customer to experience their products, services or ambiance.  Small business people can’t dump millions on advertising.  Most advertise online! Online we know a large percentage of your customers are coming to you on Google via their various platforms whether they know it or not.  With GBP Virtual Reality Street View tours the customer can feel as though they are walking through a business and personally getting to know it before they decide if the business is right for them.

This is a link to an interesting case study with comments from the Marketing Director, .  This is the tour of 185,000 square foot store with 45 departments .  Here is another interesting study, Just Food for Dogs, in Southern California, .   Here is one comment, “Our Google+ Page went from 892 impressions 30 days prior to the Google Business Photos, to 1104 impressions 30 days after. A 23.7% increase.” – Justin Bonatto, Marketing Coordinator

In summary Google Business Photos, Street View VR tours rock!!  Most of your customers are already using it!  Many small business people are not. This is a cheap fast and efficient way to advertise and it lasts a long time.

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by Ken Cox