GBV Is Just One Piece Of The Big Picture

Google+ is quickly becoming a powerful tool for Small Business to use in the effort to increase online presence, notoriety and their bottom line.   Google Maps is arguably the largest business listing on the planet and now G+ the second largest Social Media platform with 500 million users.  With the integration of G+ into Searches, Maps and You Tube it is becoming a powerful tool with serious online visibility.  Images in the Google Search Carousels have to come from somewhere.  More often that not these appear from G+ pages that have been properly dressed. Google wants G+ pages to look good and attractive to online users.  Business owners should be concerned about their appearance as well.  

Enter Google Maps Business View!   GBV addresses this issue with quality imagery and a Street View Style Tour inside of a business.   Local customers searching for goods and services are introduced and invited inside the business to interact online.  In many cases customers can literally follow Google Maps right into a store, office or showroom.   The quality of the imagery is designed to boost a business above the mediocrity that has been commonly acceptable online.  Best of all for many small businesses Google+ is free as is many other Google services.  GBV comes with a minimal onetime fee for the labor to shoot and install this material to a business’s G+ page.  Tours are easily embedded into webpages over and over again including Face Book.

We are told that we have 1.5 to 3 seconds to capture a user’s attention and lead them to our content.    Some marketing experts have noted a huge increase of online users staying on pages with GBV Tours, from less than 30 seconds to 8 minutes and more.    They say, “You only get one chance to make a first impression!”   What impression are you making online?  What do you want customers to see first about your business of online?  Will they be invited in to see what makes you different? …inspired to stop by and sample what you have to offer?  With Google+ and GBV you can do a lot to attract customers no matter what size business you are.

Google Business View is another important part of Google+, Google Maps, Google Searches, You Tube and other Google tools for Small Business Marketing.

“Let’s Take It Inside Your Business!” 

Thanks, KC

by Ken Cox